You Deserve to Look at Channing Tatum's XXL Muscles Today

It's OK to admit it: we've all missed Channing Tatum's muscles. After all, it's been a while since he showed some skin (remember when he said he was more concerned about being comfortable and indulging?). From the looks of it, that plan is on hold for now. On Thursday, Channing sported a revealing tank top after leaving a dance studio, displaying his rock-hard muscles for all to see, and after hitting up the gym in LA earlier this month, the actor showed off some serious biceps and pec bulges that will make you feel nostalgic for Magic Mike. And for good reason: Channing and the fellas have already started production on the film's sequel, Magic Mike XXL. The actor isn't just teasing us with his muscles, though — at the Toronto International Film Festival, Channing told POPSUGAR the film will "make cinema history." Until we find out what that means, Channing is holding us over with a new hilarious trend he calls the "d*ck graze."