The Sexy Smirk Charlie Hunnam Gave His Girlfriend Deserves a Double Take

Charlie Hunnam and his longtime girlfriend, Morgana McNelis, were spotted joking around and laughing together during an LA outing on Sunday. At one point, Morgana made a pouty face at Charlie, and he gave her the sweetest look, flashing his sexy smirk in her direction. Also of note: he can definitely rock a suit with the best of them, but he looks just as good in sweatpants. Just saying.

Meanwhile, as the couple enjoyed their casual weekend, Charlie's name was being dropped at ATX Fest, where Sons of Anarchy director Paris Barclay dished on what it's like to direct Charlie in a sex scene. Behind all those sexy Jax Teller scenes were some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments, he said. "He's entertaining when he's doing a sex scene, because he's not — how do I say it nice? — he's not shy," Paris revealed. "He turns his attention to whoever his partner is and makes sure they're comfortable. So he's always talking about, 'well, if I turn my ass this way, will it block your something' — so he sees it as choreography. You can shoot him from any angle, but you gotta get the tat on the back, you gotta get the ass." Mmhmm, you do indeed.