Here's Exactly Why Chris Hemsworth's Wife Is Playing His Wife in Their New Movie

Despite the fact that Elsa Pataky has 48 credits to her name (including several Fast and the Furious movies), she's never acted alongside real-life Thor/husband Chris Hemsworth — until now. Elsa and Chris are playing a married couple in the upcoming war drama 12 Strong, the true story of a Special Forces mission in post-9/11 Afghanistan.

Along with a handful of reporters, I was invited to the Albuquerque set to watch the cast film in February. Elsa had already shot her scenes (which were primarily with Chris), and I couldn't resist asking Chris what it was like to act with her.

"She did very well," he said jokingly. "It was great; she's fantastic. We didn't have to form any chemistry or bond; that came pretty easily and naturally, as you could expect."

So, how did they both land in the same movie? According to Chris, it was just a perfect fit.

"When I was looking at doing the film, I was right in the middle of Thor [Ragnorak]. It was a busy shoot and I was exhausted . . . The idea of going back to work again was just, Ugh, hang on. Then they simultaneously were like, 'Look, we'd love Elsa to play your wife, as well.' That made it a little easier for her to come to terms with packing up and moving again . . . It organically happened all at once, which was nice. I wouldn't have wanted to say, 'I'm only doing it if she does it.' It wasn't that at all."

Despite the family affair, Elsa and Chris's three kids, Sasha, India Rose, and Tristan, stayed behind. While the cold, windy desert setting isn't for everyone, Chris said, "The kids would be rolling down the hill as we speak."

12 Strong is set for a Jan. 12 release!