Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Become Real-Life Superheroes All Over Again

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans brought cheer to the Seattle Children's Hospital on Saturday. The pals had fun with kids at the center, flexing their muscles with a boy set to receive a transplant and doting on two girls holding figurines inspired by Star-Lord, Pratt's Guardians of the Galaxy character. Meanwhile, Evans looked like he walked straight off the set of Captain America, wearing his Marvel character's costume. One mom was especially touched by the gestures, as she shared pictures of the guys on Twitter. "HUGE thanks for making Colton's Day!" she wrote.

Their cute visit is the result of an awesome Super Bowl bet the guys made in January. In a Twitter conversation that made headlines, Pratt told Evans that, should the Seahawks win the big game, "you fly yourself to Seattle, visit @seattlechildren hospital as Captain America, waving the 12th man flag." Evans accepted the bet, adding, "And when the Patriots humiliate your seachickens, I expect Star-Lord to arrive at @chris_haven in a Brady jersey."

As fate would have it, the Patriots were victorious, and in February, both guys honored the bet with an adorable day at the nonprofit Christopher's Haven in Boston. With their stop in Seattle this weekend, the actors not only went beyond their initial bet, but proved yet again what their young fans already know: they're both real-life superheroes. Indeed, according to the hospital, the buddies "have helped raise more than $27,000 for Seattle Children's and Christopher's Haven." Read on to see the sweet moments unfold!