LOL! See the Hilarious Video That Inspired Dwayne Johnson to Call Chris Pratt "King"

It's no secret that Chris Pratt is fun-loving and fit, a heart-shattering combination, matched by very few. One celebrity who may give Chris a (literal) run for his money? Dwayne Johnson, of course. Chris recently posted a hilarious "workout routine" on Instagram, which he promised would probably burn 200,000 calories — minimum. Well, the fitness gods summoned Dwayne to approve of this message, and his response will make you laugh out loud.

"I bow down to your fitness ways king," Dwayne commented on Chris's photo. Whoa. Coming from Dwayne himself, that's a hefty responsibility to shoulder. I feel like a torch has been passed or a crown has been handed over! The man has an Under Armour campaign, after all.

Naturally, Chris had an equally witty reply. He joked, "You'll get there bro. It'll take decades if you commit yourself." Everybody, watch out! This is Chris's fitness monarchy now, we're just living in it.