23 Photos of Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber That Show They're Cut From the Same Cloth

Cindy Crawford and her 15-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, are two peas in a pod. Not only are they two of the many related celebrities who are nearly identical, but Kaia is also following in her mom's footsteps with her modeling career. Cindy was one of the hottest supermodels in the '90s, and Kaia has been taking the modeling world by storm, landing campaigns with Daisy Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Chrome Hearts. But those aren't the only similarities Cindy and Kaia share. "We react to situations the same way," Kaia told People in May. "I think we're always really strict on time . . . Mannerisms, kind of the way we talk — we both talk with our hands and stuff like that." Keep reading to see the mother-daughter duo's sweetest moments together.