Cody Simpson Must Think Shirts Are Garbage, Because He Never Seems to Be Wearing One

Upon scrolling through Cody Simpson's official Instagram account, you'll immediately notice one thing — he loves to be shirtless. The 22-year-old Australia native has tons of shirtless pics posted throughout his feed, and who can blame him? With a chiseled body like his, why wouldn't he want to show off his toned physique all the time? And the best thing about these photos (besides being able to stare at them as long as you wish) is that every now and then Cody uses them and his platform to inspire others to join him in protecting the environment. And whether he's chilling on the beach or getting a new tattoo, the young crooner — who recently began dating Miley Cyrus — loves to be shirtless at all times. Look to the gallery ahead to see all of Cody's sexy shirtless Insta moments.