This Powerful Dance Cover of "This Is Me" Makes You Feel the Music in Your Bones

If you weren't already moved to tears by "This Is Me" when watching The Greatest Showman, then this emotional dance routine by So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Travis Wall will do the trick. Performing to a cover of the emotional anthem by Shoshana Bean, Travis begins the routine with his skin covered in written slurs and insults. Over the course of Shoshana singing to him in the powerful video, though, Travis slowly transforms the hurtful words on his skin to read the opposite — phrases like "worthy," "brave," and "survivor" adorn his face and chest by the conclusion.

It's hard to watch the routine without feeling chills down your spine, because it's clearly an extremely personal performance for both Travis and Shoshana. Give the full video a watch, and you'll want to replay it over and over again. Then, revisit every song you fell in love with over the course of The Greatest Showman to experience all of the emotions again.