Samira and Danielle's Real-Life Friendship Gives Poussey and Taystee a Run For Their Money

Samira Wiley and Danielle Brooks may play BFFs Poussey and Taystee on Orange Is the New Black, but they're also friends in real-life. Samira and Danielle met at New York's Julliard School in 2007, and Danielle was actually the one who encouraged Samira to audition for the show. The two have been friends ever since then, and Danielle has previously stated that "it's very easy to work with Samira" because of their great chemistry. "Danielle has such an amazing spirit and light. I'm so happy she's able to bring that to Taystee," Samira told Jezebel in 2013. "I think Samira is very tell you how it is. She keeps it real with you and I think that's the similarity between her Poussey. She does that with me," Danielle added. In honor of their real-life friendship, take a look at their cutest moments together.