5 Times Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan Savagely Roasted Tom Holland

You may have thought that all the Avengers actors were one big happy family, but apparently there's a bit of a rift between Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier), and Tom Holland (Spider-Man). Anthony and Sebastian — who are generally entertaining while doing press together — have made a habit out of trash-talking the new Peter Parker about everything from his young age (21!) to his skyrocketing fame — and according to Tom, it all started when he inadvertently stole one of Anthony's signature jokes on set. Check out the most savage burns Anthony and Sebastian have directed at Tom over time.

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When They Fought About Tom's Real Age, Roasted His Accent, and Called Him "a Problem"


When Anthony Busted in, Called Benedict Cumberbatch "Benjamin," and Gave Tom "His Juice Box"

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When They Said They'll Only Watch Tom's Movies on a Plane (Ouch)

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When They Ripped on Tom For Being "an Egomaniac"


When They Outed Tom For Having 2 Assistants and a Porsche

How It All Started