Trust Us, If We Were Dwayne Johnson, We'd Be Rubbing Our Shirtless Pecs, Too

It's almost as if Dwayne Johnson's muscles get bigger by the second. On Monday, the actor put his buff physique on display on the Georgia set of Baywatch. On top of whipping his shirt off for the cameras, Dwayne showed off his impressive lifeguard skills while rescuing a man from a burning boat. Also on set were his costars, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario, who kicked off filming scenes for the '90s series adaptation in February.

When Dwayne isn't busy shooting Baywatch, he's at home being a doting father to his daughters, 4-month-old Jasmine and 14-year-old Simone. Over the weekend, he made hearts swell when he took to Instagram to share a heart-melting birthday message for his baby girl. He also brought Simone as his date to the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month. Keep reading to see more of Dwayne, and then check out all the reasons we love him.