Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Put Their 12-Year Friendship on Display at the Maniac Premiere

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are back together again! After costarring in Superbad more than 11 years ago, the two are set to reunite onscreen in Netflix's upcoming mini-series Maniac. On Thursday, the pair looked as happy as can be as they attended the show's premiere in NYC. Aside from mingling with their costars Julia Garner and Justin Theroux on the red carpet, the two couldn't contain their laughter as they posed for a few photos together.

And the cuteness didn't stop there. Jonah couldn't help but gush about his talented costar as he talked with ET. "Honestly one of the crazy things you realize — and I've been thinking all about it because of tonight — is we've been friends for a decade, we worked together 12 years ago, and then we've been friends for that long," Jonah said. "She's so good, so brilliant. I get to be friends with artists I really admire, that's pretty amazing. And watching someone I've been friends with for so long become so gifted and so recognized is special."

Seriously, how adorable is their friendship? See more of their fun-filled appearance ahead, then get details on Emma's glamorous dress.