Emma Watson Might Be Dating Alicia Keys's Brother, and I Have Questions

Um, so it looks like Emma Watson may have a new man in her life. And he's not just any other guy — he's Alicia Keys's 28-year-old brother Cole Cook (for those who don't know, Alicia's real name is Alicia Augello Cook). On Tuesday, the duo was spotted out on a dinner date at NYC's The Spotted Pig. Emma and Cole — who, by the way, is really cute — looked smitten as they shared a few laughs and chatted with each other on the street. At one point, Cole even playfully put his arm on Emma's shoulder. Based off of Cole's Instagram, he's the cofounder of a creative agency called Timeless Eye and he seems like a very devoted uncle to Alicia and Swizz Beatz's kids, but I just have a few questions:

  1. How am I just now finding out that Alicia has a brother?
  2. How did they meet?
  3. Does Alicia know they might be dating?
  4. Did she set this whole thing up?
  5. What did they have for dinner?
  6. Did they get dessert?
  7. Did they talk about Harry Potter?
  8. And where has Cole been hiding all of this time?

It's unclear when or how Emma and Cole's possible romance came to be, but I think we can all agree they look really cute together. The 29-year-old actress previously dated Chord Overstreet and was last linked to tech CEO Brendan Wallace.