Relive Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson's Storybook Romance

Gavin Casalegno stormed into many hearts thanks to his charming portrayal of the younger Fisher brother, Jeremiah, in "The Summer I Turned Pretty." While in the teen romance series, Casalegno is in the throes of a complicated love triangle, in real life, his love life is the stuff of a fairytale. The 22-year-old actor has been in a long-time relationship with model, dancer, and TikToker, Larsen Thompson, who's also set to take the small screen by storm in Mike Flanagan's forthcoming horror offering "The Midnight Club." The adorable lovebirds have been going strong for over six years now and have gone through the formative years of their lives together — sweet sixteen, prom night, graduation, you name it!

The duo has been a fixture on each other's social media pages, having shared many glimpses into their sweet romance over the years. Join us as we take a look back at their swoon-worthy relationship milestones ahead.


Aug. 18, 2016: Casalegno and Thompson First Instagram Together

Casalegno and Thompson debuted their first picture together on Instagram, shared with a playful caption. "I like California 💕😜," wrote the "The Summer I Turned Pretty" actor, while Thompson shared, "I like Texas 😜💕," each mentioning their other half's home place.

In a 2018 YouTube vlog with Krissy Jane, the model opened up about how the couple started dating. "We actually met off of Instagram," Thompson said. "We chat with a mutual photographer, and the next week Gavin and I are shooting with her, and she's like, 'Oh, my God, you have to meet this person. You guys would be so cute together.' So, I went onto her photos and saw a picture of Gavin, so I liked it, he saw my like and came onto my Instagram, and he slid into my DMs."

Casalegno continued, "And then I asked if she wanted coffee, 'cause I'm a huge coffee lover, like, 'Do you want to go get coffee sometime?' And she was like, 'I don't coffee.' You know, I was like, 'That's gonna be a struggle.'" "That's strike one!" Thompson joked. In an April 2021 post, Thompson confessed that her beau has finally turned her into a "coffee drinker."

Nov. 19, 2016: Casalegno Surprises Thompson For Her 16th Birthday
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Nov. 19, 2016: Casalegno Surprises Thompson For Her 16th Birthday

For Thompson's sweet sixteen, Casalegno surprised her with an impromptu visit when the two had been seeing one another for only a couple of weeks. Speaking with Seventeen in a June 2022 interview, the actor shared more details about the grand romantic gesture. "I'm kind of a hopeless romantic myself. I'm all about it. I think the craziest gesture was when my current girlfriend had her 16th birthday party, and I had only spent like a week with her at that point," he said.

"I lived in Texas at the time and she was inviting all of her friends to the party, and at this point, I was already talking to her parents. I secretly bought a plane ticket out to go surprise her for her 16th. Her parents brought her to some restaurant at Universal Studios, and I jumped out of the corner and fake proposed with a Hershey's kiss." Casalegno added that it was after his arrival that he realized Thompson's dad had been standing right there: "It was hilarious. We laugh about it now."


Feb. 17, 2017: Casalegno and Thompson Begin Dating Officially

While the pair had been seeing one another for some time at this point, Casalegno and Thompson officially started dating on Feb. 16, 2017, a day that's been commemorated by the two several times on social media.


Aug. 17, 2017: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 6 Months Together

The couple shared a sweet kiss to commemorate their first six months as a couple. "6 Wonderful Months with this Beautiful and Talented Girl❤️ So Blessed to Have Her in my Life!" Casalegno captioned the photo.


Sept. 5, 2017: Casalegno Gets a Birthday Surprise From Thompson

Thompson one-upped Casalegno's birthday surprise to mark his 18th trip around the sun. Casalegno expressed his gratitude for his girlfriend's thoughtfulness on his Instagram post, writing, "This beautiful girl right here planned my whole birthday and made it a secret❤️ She was there when I fell on my face roller skating through being a spy in Resistance. She made my birthday special, and there is no amount of thank you's I could give. I love her to the moon and back, and infinity and beyond! Thank you for making my Birthday special❤️."


Feb. 15, 2018: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Casalegno and Thompson packed on the PDA for their first Valentine's Day as a couple. The two shared a sweet kiss in Las Vegas in front of the gigantic replica of the Eiffel Tower. Casalegno shared a sweet message under the pic, writing, "Happy Valentine's Day😚 Had so many unforgettable memories with this unforgettable person❤️ Can't wait to see what the future holds❤️."

Feb. 17, 2018: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 1 Year Together
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Feb. 17, 2018: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 1 Year Together

For their first anniversary, Thompson shared a compilation video containing adorable footage of the two. "Happy 1 year to my love❤️ Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl on earth! You mean the world to me.. love you more than you will ever know🌹," she captioned the video.


Nov. 20, 2018: Casalegno Wishes Thompson a Happy Birthday

The "The Vampire Diaries" actor shared a sweet throwback picture of Thompson flashing an adorable smile in a sparkly blue dress. "Look at this Little Angel😇 I couldn't let the day go by without saying how thankful I am for you! I don't know what I would be doing now with my life without you," he captioned the photo. "No matter how far away I am from you or how close I will love you to the moon and back. Like a Jack to his Rose or a Romeo to his Juliet, I wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you for everything you have done for me and for everyone. You are such an inspiration and excellent role model. You inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves and are always so faithful. Thank you for being beautiful, inside and out, and thank you for being you❤️ I love you with all my heart🥰🥳 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!❤️"


April 20, 2019: Casalegno and Thompson Go to Prom Together

Casalegno and Thompson were each other's dates for their prom night, of course. The couple looked glamourous as the model opted for a baby pink Christian Siriano gown while Casalegno looked dashing in a black tuxedo. Thompson shared the pictures on her Instagram with the caption, "Senior Prom 2k19💗 Unforgettable night with my best friend and love💗."


June 8, 2019: Casalegno Attends Thompson’s Graduation

"Got to see this brilliant girl graduate! How is it she can rock a cap and gown too? Like what?!" wrote Casalegno on his Instagram page, accompanied by a picture of the couple on Thompson's graduation day.

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Dec. 24, 2019: Casalegno and Thompson Bake Christmas Cookies

Thompson invited Casalegno to bake Christmas cookies with her family in a fun vlog that she posted on her YouTube page.


Feb. 17, 2020: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 3 Years of Dating

Casalegno gave fans a peek into their romance with a highlight reel of their cutest moments on Instagram. To mark three years together as a couple, Casalegno wrote a beautiful message summing up his feelings for Thompson. "This is a little sneak peek of our incredible year together. It's our 3 technically 4 year anniversary.❤️ these are my favorite memories together! From fake prom to real, from a small Texas town to Paris, France! I love you to the moon and back! Even though you like to blow powdered sugar everywhere❤️😂🥰," he wrote.

Thompson also posted a video of the two enjoying the sunset at a beach, writing, "Happy 3 but basically 4 year anniversary to my best friend♥️ I wouldn't trade any moment with you for the world! I love you endlessly♥️."


Nov. 19, 2020: Casalegno Celebrates Thompson’s 21st Birthday

Casalegno penned a lengthy message for Thompson's 21st birthday. "Oh my little Larsey, you are just the most magnificent human being/ girlfriend to ever walk this earth. I have said and will continue to say this, you are beautiful from the inside all the way out," he wrote, continuing, "The amount of grace you walk with every single day is absolutely insane. Your walk in faith has continued to inspire me every single day. You help me be the best man I can be, whether that be in my faith, or how I love. You are a miracle. You are such a blessing in my life. You are my rock. You are my biggest fan, and I am yours. 20 years of your amazing life, and I'm sad that I've only got to experience 5 of it. You are a gift to this world darling❤️ Happy birthday sweet heart❤️."


Dec. 15, 2020: Casalegno and Thompson Spend Christmas Together

Casalegno and Thompson spent Christmas together in snow-covered Montana, and they made "the best memories."

Feb. 18, 2021: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 4 Years Together
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Feb. 18, 2021: Casalegno and Thompson Celebrate 4 Years Together

The couple celebrated their four-year anniversary by exchanging their annual sweet messages on social media. "It's been 4 exciting and adventurous years with you! And the exciting thing is, this is only the beginning! I am beyond thankful for you❤️," Casalegno wrote alongside a carousel of their pics together. Thompson shared: "Today I get to celebrate 4 years with my bestest friend. Every day with you is a new adventure, and to be with you is such a blessing. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life, and there's no one else I'd rather have by my side. Love you❤️."


Nov. 8, 2021: Casalegno and Thompson Vacation in Greece

Casalegno and Thompson landed in Santorini, Greece, for a serene getaway. Both shared numerous pictures from the vacation, which was seemingly spent soaking up the sun while looking smitten with one another.

Feb. 12, 2022: Casalegno and Thompson Do New York Fashion Week
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Feb. 12, 2022: Casalegno and Thompson Do New York Fashion Week

When the fashion runways resumed in-person attendance, Thompson and Casalegno kicked off New York Fashion Week looking astonishing as usual. "First fashion week in a long time, and I'm overwhelmed with so much excitement to be back and seeing everyone!!!" wrote Thompson on Instagram. Not long after, the stylish pair brought their chemistry to the Milan Fashion Week decked in Missoni, effusing Parisian boho-chic vibes.