Taylor and Tay Lautner's Tips For a Successful Marriage

Taylor and Tay Lautner are in sync. Yes, they share the same name, but the couple of six years also have a way of finishing each other's sentences that feels collaborative, not cringe. When asked, for example, who in the relationship is the one to decide where to go out to eat, Taylor looks at Tay and says, "You are very indecisive." Before he can even finish his sentence, however, she chimes in, "I prefer the word easygoing." Taylor replies, "Understandable. OK. Tay is very, very easygoing."

After a whirlwind year, it helps to be on the same page. To refresh: the Lautners launched their podcast, "The Squeeze," in February 2023. That summer, Taylor appeared in Taylor Swift's music video for "I Can See You" off "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)." (The two dated at the time of the album's original release in 2010, and they remain good friends.) The night the music video premiered, Taylor made a surprise appearance at the Eras Tour, and he memorably backflipped onto the stage.

Now, the Lautners have a sweet new gig: a partnership with Subway to help promote the sandwich chain's new Sidekicks. The launch consists of a cookie, Cinnabon churro, and Auntie Anne's pretzel — all in footlong form. When asked to pick their favorites among the three, Taylor picks the cookie, and Tay, the pretzel, especially because it's Auntie Anne's. Taylor chivalrously adds, "The good news is each of them are big enough for us to share all of them. They're literally a foot-long."


It's of course fitting because Taylor and Tay, who got married in 2022, are each other's sidekicks. "We're each other's number-one supporters," Tay says. Taylor adds, "For us, I feel like there's an extra layer because we also work together. It's not only showing up as a husband or wife and just always being there for whatever the other person's going through at that moment, but also being there for them in the work sense."

Taylor does, however, advise couples who work together to prioritize the relationship above all. "Never put the work above the relationship. That can be easy to do and fall into, especially when you both care so much about what your work is and you're so passionate about it," he says. "But at the end of the day, if you ever are putting that job over what is best for your actual relationship, it's probably not gonna go well."

"We're each other's number-one supporters."

Tay also emphasizes the importance of communication, and understanding a significant other's communication style. "That's something that Taylor and I have definitely learned about each other. We're very different communicators," she says. "Taylor knows his emotions, and I do not know mine. I need to remove myself and think through how I'm feeling or what's happening, which I think is why we work so well. There's a pro to each communication style. Luckily, we've been through so much life together. We've been together for six years, and going through COVID and both of us having mental health stress stuff, we've really learned how to communicate."

It also helps that Tay has adopted Taylor's love of Detroit Lions football. (Taylor is a lifelong fan having grown up in Grand Rapids, MI.) Taylor says he's yet to recover from the underdog team's NFC Championship loss, but "each day is better." Tay tries to cheer Taylor up: she brings up the good news that the offensive coordinator turned down a head coaching job to stay with the Lions for another season. Taylor simply replies, "That was hot."

And despite being pals with Swift, the Lautners won't necessarily be rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs — or any team, for that matter — during the upcoming Super Bowl. "We will definitely watch, but it would just feel wrong to root for anybody else. Kind of just hoping for a fun game with no blowouts and people stay healthy," he says. "I could care less who walks away with a W."

By now you might've wondered how these two met in the first place. (They come from different worlds after all, with Taylor being an actor and Tay, a nurse.) And, well, they were set up by Taylor's sister: "I never thought that is how I would find my person," he says. "If you at any point would've told me that my little baby sister was going to find my future wife, I would've said you're crazy. Obviously I'm glad I gave it the chance."

If you're single but perhaps resistant to a blind date, the Lautners recommend you reconsider. Tay says, "We actually just set up two of our friends up earlier this week. They're from different parts of our lives and are going on a date next week." Taylor adds, "I highly recommend if you know both parties. Setups are nice. Imagining the dating world right now is terrifying to me. I feel for anybody."

To end their chat with PS, Taylor and Tay share their rapid-fire, gut-reaction thoughts on dating trends. Ghosting? Tay finds it sad, and says, "If they're ghosting you, that means they don't know how to communicate." Taylor adds, "It is sad. That's slightly disappointing. Probably move on." Sleep divorce? Tay says it's fine so long as it doesn't affect the relationship. "To each their own," Taylor says.

The Lautners feel strongly about hard launching over soft. "It's kind of what we did. It's not kind of what we did — it is what we did," Taylor says, referencing the couple's first Instagram together in September 2018. "We waited a while and then we, when we both were ready, we just dropped it like it was hot."

And how about matching tattoos? The Lautners flash their forearms in perfect synchronicity, displaying the wedding date they each have inked. "That's a yes from us," Taylor says.