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How Old Are the Gossip Girl Reboot Cast?

Surprise, Surprise — Not All of the "Teens" in the Gossip Girl Reboot Are Actually Teenagers

How Old Are the Gossip Girl Reboot Cast?
Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

Over eight years after the original Gossip Girl aired its final episode, HBO Max is taking fans back to the Upper East Side to introduce the next generation of Manhattan's elite. And while a lot has changed since the days of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's reign — the Gossip Girl reboot cast is far more diverse than the original and full of fresh new faces — one thing remains the same: the actors playing the students at Constance Billard School and St. Jude's are definitely not high schoolers anymore. Here's the scoop on the actors' real ages.

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