Halle Berry Is a Proud Mom of 2: Meet Nahla and Maceo

Halle Berry is always working on new and exciting projects; but for her, being a mom to her daughter, Nahla Ariela, and son, Maceo-Robert, is her favorite job of all. "Being a mom is the best job, but my kids don't care about who I am outside of this house," she told InStyle in 2019.

Before she became a mom at age 40, Berry was killing the movie scene, strutting down red carpets and winning all types of accolades at the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. But eventually, Berry said it came to a point where that wasn't fulfilling enough. "I think I arrived a point in life that I realized I needed more to get me up in the morning. More than going to a new movie set," she said in a 2007 interview with Access Hollywood. "I need something even more profound than that and that's family. And that's children."

It definitely seems like Berry's found that "extra push" to get her out of bed every morning. In her 2021 People's Choice Awards acceptance speech, the actor thanked her two kids while also giving them some wise advice. "My two little kids, they have to lose so much time with their mommy because I get to go work and do what I love, so thank you Nahla, thank you Maceo — I hope you find something in life that you can love and you can do with as much vigor and as much zest as I do what I do," she said. "I love you guys."

Read more about Berry's children and all their crazy family shenanigans ahead!

Nahla Ariela Aubry

Berry's eldest child and only daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, was born on March 16, 2008. Her father, Gabriel Aubry, is a former boyfriend of Berry's. The "Kidnap" actor has been able to spend a lot of quality time with her teen in quarantine, including some not so fun moments. During a 2020 appearance on "The Tonight Show," Berry said she had to take a razor to the back of Nahla's head because of how knotted her curly locks had gotten from continuous days of swimming. "I can't even get my finger in it, and I'm pulling and she's screaming," Berry recalled to Jimmy Fallon. "I had to shave it off!"

Haircare aside, Berry and her daughter are two peas in a pod. The mom of two got a little sentimental on Instagram in 2019, writing a touching message to her daughter for her 11th birthday. Her caption read, "Sometimes in life you meet the most wonderful people in the world, the people that teach you the greatest life lessons, respect you beyond measure and who love you for just you. For me that person is my beautiful daughter. As she turns 11 today, I could not be more proud of her. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I can't wait to see how she changes the world!"

For Nahla's 15th birthday, Berry celebrated by posting a set of rare photos of her daughter on Instagram, calling her "one of the greatest gifts the universe has given me."

A few months later, in honor of Berry's 57th birthday on Aug. 14, the actor revealed that her "mini me" and boyfriend Van Hunt treated her to a trip to the World of Barbie exhibit in Santa Monica, CA, where she let out her "inner Barbie." Berry documented the trip on Instagram with a photo series that featured the mother-daughter duo wearing matching pink outfits.

Maceo-Robert Martinez

Dubbed mommy's little fitness helper and nicknamed "Thunder" in a 2021 birthday Instagram post, Maceo-Robert Martinez was born on Oct. 5, 2013. He's Berry's youngest child and only son, whom she shares with ex-husband Oliver Martinez. According to the actor, Maceo doesn't know just how famous his mama is, but he's aware to an extent. He's even tested it out in public a few times: " . . . my son has been saying my full name really loudly in public like, 'Halle Berry, can you pass me the ketchup?'" the actor shared in her 2019 InStyle interview. "He knows it gets a reaction from people, but he can't quite figure out why."

As quick as Berry is to joke about Maceo, she's just as fast to stand up for him. In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the "X-Men" actor posted an Instagram video of her son showing off her tall white heeled boots (which are beautiful, might we add), and fans were quick to judge and give their own two cents in the comments. "It's tight on these kids right now. Let's have a laugh and some compassion," Berry clapped back, per Prevention.

Speaking to AARP in 2021, Berry shared how Maceo solidified his relationship with her boyfriend Hunt. "My son, Maceo, of his own volition did this little commitment ceremony for us in the back seat of the car," she said. "I think he finally sees me happy, and it's infectious. It was a very real moment for all of us. I teared up, Van was fighting back tears. Even Maceo knew he'd said something poignant. It meant a lot to us."

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