Halsey Shared a Loved-Up Post For Boyfriend Yungblud's Birthday, and His Response Was So Sweet

We already knew that Halsey and Yungblud are one of the cutest couples of 2019, but Halsey has just proven it once again, posting an adorable birthday tribute to her boyfriend on Instagram. In an eight-photo gallery post shared on Aug. 5 is a collection of photos that show sweet moments shared by the couple and photos of Yungblud that were clearly taken by Halsey in private moments.

In the caption, Halsey wrote, "darling dom. everyone who has met you in this life, for any amount of time at all, will be changed forever because of it. for some, in small ways they won't even realize. for others, in a life changing wave." In case that isn't cute enough for you, she went on, saying, "and every single one of them will be better, from having crossed your path for even a second. you leave an irrevocable shine on every soul you come in contact with. mine is gleaming. 💡 happy birthday, I love you."

Based on the response to the post — that is, over a million likes and hundreds of comments sharing a similar sentiment of "awwwwww" from fans — everyone clearly agrees that this post is seriously sweet. As for Yungblud's response, a simple "i love you" was all it took to melt our hearts.