We Need to Acknowledge Pablo Schreiber's Smoldering New Look in Real Life

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Orange Is the New Black.

On Orange Is the New Black, Pablo Schreiber is a horrible person. His character, George "Pornstache" Mendez, is a careless and corrupt corrections officer who becomes increasingly more maniacal while under the assumption that he's the biological father to Dayanara Diaz's daughter. In real life, however, the guy's pretty damn handsome.

If you watched the fifth season of the Netflix original series, you may have noticed that Pornstache's signature, well, pornstache was gone and replaced by a thick beard. The last time viewers saw the character in the third season, he was bare-faced and had quite the questionable mullet. This season, Pornstache's hair appears much shorter and more clean cut.

So, why the drastic change? Though little is revealed about his character's current state, we've since realized that his new look is likely due to Schreiber's role in American Gods. In the surreal series based on a novel of the same name, Schreiber plays a tough leprechaun — yes, really — hence the beard.

American Gods may have already wrapped production of its first season, but Schreiber has stuck with his more rugged look, and we fully support the decision. These days, the actor seems to be enjoying the great outdoors, taking it easy at the beach, and surfing, like, a lot. We may still hate Pornstache — honestly, fair — but we're definitely warming up to the man behind the 'stache.