Jimmy Fallon's Proposal Story Might Not Have Gone as Expected, but It's Still Beyond Sweet

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Ugh, we just can't get enough of Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen! The dynamic duo have been working together to produce at-home episodes of Jimmy's late-night show and sharing sweet tidbits about their relationship along the way. After previously recalling how they first met — ICYMI, Drew Barrymore introduced them on the Saturday Night Live set — Jimmy spilled all the details about how he proposed to Nancy in their Tuesday "Ask the Fallons" segment. Although Nancy somewhat threw a wrench into his original plans for popping the big question, he definitely got it right the second time around.

Jimmy kicked things off by explaining that he nabbed the engagement ring from none other than Neil Lane, the famous jeweler who provides rings for contestants on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. He called Nancy's dad for his official seal of approval and even ran it by her brother, but on the day he planned to get down on one knee, Nancy surprised him with a fancy dinner reservation in New York. "I didn't want to get engaged in a restaurant," Jimmy said. "Because what if in 30 years the restaurant changes hands, now it's a laser tag place, and it's like, 'Kids, this is where your mom and I got engaged, at the laser tag palace.'" I mean, he makes a valid point!

"As soon as I remotely pulled the ring out of my pocket, I start crying."

Fast forward to a few months later, and Jimmy was "just trying to find the right place to do it," which wound up being Nancy's family's summer house in New Hampshire. He took her out on the dock at sunset, set the mood by playing some Harry Nilsson music, and gave himself a pep talk. "I said in my head, 'Don't cry; let her cry first' . . . because I hyped it up in my head. I get very emotional," the talk-show host remembered. "As soon as I remotely pulled the ring out of my pocket, I start crying." Of course, Jimmy eventually wound up choking out the big question, despite his voice quivering and hands shaking, Nancy gladly accepted his proposal, and the rest of their 12-year marriage is history.

Skip ahead to around the 4:58 timestamp in the video above to hear Jimmy adorably talk about getting engaged to Nancy, and then keep watching to learn about his (oddly specific) pet peeves.