Simone Biles and Stacey Ervin Jr.'s Love Story Is So Flippin' Cute

Just a quick look at Simone Biles's Instagram page will tell you that the Olympic gold medalist is head over heels for her boyfriend and fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin Jr. And it's pretty clear that the feeling is mutual — did you see how Stacey cheered his boo on while watching her floor routine at the World Championships? After Biles brought home five gold medals from Stuttgart, Germany (bringing her career medal total at the world championships to a record 25), Stacey took to Instagram to express his pride. "MY WOMAN IS A 5x WORLD CHAMPION IN THE ALL-AROUND & I COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD," he captioned a pic of the gymnast on the podium. So where exactly did Simone meet her ultrasupportive partner?

The two first became Instagram official back in August 2017, when Simone brought Stacey as a date to her USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame induction. "Always smiling with you," she captioned the candid snapshot with her new man. But apparently, the two actually met three years before they started dating, when their paths crossed during the P&G Gymnastics Championships in August 2014. Then, while Simone was participating on Dancing With the Stars, Simone's adopted mother and biological grandmother Nellie Biles hired Stacey in the Spring of 2017 to be a coach at her gym in Simone's absence. When Simone returned home from her DWTS stint, it wasn't long before she and Stacey were flipping for each other.

While competing on DWTS, Simone confessed to Entertainment Tonight that she hadn't yet had a real boyfriend. "At 20 years old I feel like you should have gone through those things and gone on dates," she said. Luckily, that all changed when she returned home to Houston and Stacey became a part of her life. "He took me to a sushi place," Simone told People in September 2017 when asked about their first date. "He knows I don't like sushi and he forced me! It was out of my comfort zone, which I liked." What more could you want from a partner than someone who always pushes you to be better?