Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift Are Rumored to Have Met at This Big Event 6 Years Before Splitting

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's split after six years of dating has rocked fans of the Hollywood couple. According to an April 8 Entertainment Tonight report, the breakup happened weeks before it was made public and "was not dramatic." Apparently, "the relationship had just run its course."

Swift and Alwyn's relationship was incredibly sweet and low-key. They made very few official appearances together over the years, but Swift often alluded to their romance in her music, like when she sang about falling head over heels for the British actor in her song "Gorgeous." The lyrics recall her getting lost in his ocean-blue eyes, make fun of his British accent, and indicate she had a boyfriend when they first met (more on that later).

So, just how did the former lovebirds initially come into contact? The timeline is a little bit fuzzy, but it's believed the pair first met at the Met Gala on May 2, 2016. The fated meeting is seemingly alluded to in Swift's "Dress" lyrics off her album "Reputation," when she sings, "Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached." The description matches up with how the pair looked that night. At the time, Swift was dating Calvin Harris (whom she split from in June of that year), and she would go on to date Tom Hiddleston for three months after that (they split in early September 2016).

Swift and Alwyn probably stayed in contact to some degree throughout that time, as news of their relationship broke in May 2017, and the rest was history. The singer went on to write multiple love songs with Alwyn (him using the pen name William Bowery) on her "Folklore," "Evermore," and "Midnights" albums, including the songs "Exile," "Betty," "Champagne Problems," and "Sweet Nothing" among others, which will live on as mementos of their love story.