Kate Hudson's Baby Bump "Got Some Good Hugs" From Steven Tyler in This Sweet Photo

Kate Hudson's baby girl isn't even born yet, and she's already got a major fan: Steven Tyler. Kate, who recently revealed her third pregnancy with an adorable video, shared a sweet snap of the Aerosmith frontman cradling her baby bump. "Baby girl got some good hugs from Papa Tyler this weekend," Kate captioned the photo, which was taken by Liv Tyler.

While the endearing nickname may have thrown off some of the commenters, no, Steven Tyler is not the baby's father. Kate and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa are welcoming their first child together, and the Tylers have known Kate for years. In the '90s, Kate and Liv Tyler attended the same high school, Crossroads School For Arts and Sciences, where they became friends.

Plus, Kate Hudson's Almost Famous character, Penny Lane, was partially inspired by Liv's mom, Bebe Buell. Based on past photos of Kate and Steven, it's clear they've been friends for years. Sounds like Kate's first daughter will run with a cool crowd!