Gordon Ramsay Is a "Softie" When It Comes to His 6 Kids — Meet Them All

If you love binge-watching "Hell's Kitchen," you know there's no one who can whip a kitchen into shape quite like Gordon Ramsay. While some of us can say we've also seen every single episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," others may not know how much of a family man Chef Ramsay really is. But according to him, he's a "softie" when it comes to his five children with wife Tana Ramsay.

After the couple married in 1996, they went on to start their family, which they always intended to be big, Ramsay told People in September. The chef also reflected on his experience with fatherhood and shared of his kids, "My job as a dad is to come up with a solution to their problems. That's the most important role of a dad." Though he also admitted, "That's f*cking hard with five kids, five problems, 25 a week, a hundred a month — that's a lot of solution fixing."

While Ramsay certainly has a reputation for being hard on budding cooks and restaurateurs (and not to mention having a foul mouth), he's said that he's really a big soft at heart as far as his kids are concerned. Even his wife, Tana, told People that he's "incredibly sensitive" — as she put it, "he's a crier."

Keep reading ahead to learn more about Chef Ramsay's five kids and see their sweetest family photos.

Megan Jane Ramsay

Ramsay and Tana's oldest child, a daughter named Megan, was born on May 16, 1998, two years after the couple married. She was the first of her family to graduate from college, according to her dad, who celebrated her accomplishment on Instagram in 2019. "So proud of this young Lady @megan__ramsay our first Ramsay ever to graduate with a degree @oxfordbrookes hard work pays off !" he captioned a post. "Congratulations Megan love you Dad ♥️."

If you thought Ramsay only reserved his temper for the kitchen, guess again, because he revealed on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in January 2022 that he doesn't exactly approve of Megan's boyfriend. In fact, he said (in jest) that he thinks he's "a little bit pathetic." Not only that, he crashed the couple's dinner date once with a FaceTime call. Ultimately, though, Ramsay said he just wants the best for his daughter — even if he thinks she should wait until she's 30 to start dating.

Also, fun fact: because the Ramsays are so close with the Beckham family, Megan grew up playing with David and Victoria's son, Brooklyn.

Holly Anna Ramsay

Ramsay and Tana's second oldest daughter, Holly, was born on Dec. 31, 1999, alongside her twin brother, Jack. As a child, Holly starred in the CBBC TV show called "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch," and years later, she launched her own podcast, titled "21 & Over," to destigmatize mental health issues and openly talk about her own journey. In December 2021, she revealed past struggles with alcohol addiction by celebrating one year of sobriety.

She wrote in an Instagram post: "Today marks one year without alcohol. That is not something I thought I would ever say at the age of 21. However, by 21 (nearly 22) I never thought I would have been through half of what I have. I chose to take a break from alcohol because it wasn't improving my mental health — which for me, comes first."

Per People, Holly's father commented on the post and wrote, "What an incredible young lady and words can't explain how proud you make me feel. Love you so much, dad," with a heart emoji.

Holly, like her mom, can attest to Ramsay's sensitive side when he's not screaming his head off in the kitchen. Speaking to People, she shared: "The day he walks me down the aisle, we are going to need so many tissues. My veil will have to be [made of] tissues so he can walk behind me and mop up his tears."

Jack Scott Ramsay

Ramsay and Tana's first son, Jack, was also born on Dec. 31, 1999, and seems to have caught the show biz bug from his famous dad. After starring in "Master Chef" in 2015, he went on to act at a London-based playhouse, the Edward Alleyn Theatre. Jack also starred in a few episodes of a British docuseries titled "Born Famous."

In October 2020, Ramsay shared that Jack had joined the UK's Royal Marines. The beaming dad wrote on Instagram: "Can't tell you enough how proud I am of this young man Jack Ramsay you've made me feel like the proudest father today congrats on joining @royalmarines what [an] amazing achievement."

Prior to that, in June 2019, Ramsay and Jack sat down with British GQ to discuss their father-son relationship, with the latter revealing some of the important lessons he's learned from his dad, like his "work hard, play hard" mentality. "Sometimes I think you work harder, maybe too hard sometimes," Jack said. ". . . But we have quality time together. We go for drives and we play sports. It's that balance that I find you always 100 percent get."

Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay

The fourth Ramsay child — a daughter named Matilda, who's nicknamed "Tilly" — was born on Nov. 8, 2001. That's the same day as her dad! In 2021, Ramsay celebrated his and his daughter's birthdays with a sweet photo series on Instagram. He wrote, "I can't think of a better person to share my birthday with than this adorable gracious young lady @tillyramsay always putting others first before herself and you've grown up to become an amazing role model Happy Birthday darling can't wait to see you very soon love you so much Dad ♥️♥️♥️."

Tilly's had quite an impressive career so far. Ever since starring in "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch" with her siblings, she's made numerous TV appearances on shows, including "MasterChef Junior" and "Hell's Kitchen." We guess cooking is just in her genes!

Oscar James Ramsay

The fifth member of the Ramsay crew, a son named Oscar, was born on April 4, 2019. Ramsay gleefully announced his son's arrival via Instagram, writing: "After 3 BAFTAs and one Emmy . . . finally we have won an Oscar, please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who touched down at 12:58 today for some lunch!" Through the years, Oscar's made a bunch of appearances on social media and is growing up to look just like his dad. He even posed for family photos for his dad's September 2023 People cover.

Jesse James Ramsay

Gordon made a surprise announcement four days after his birthday on 12 Nov., revealing that the Ramsay family had welcomed another little boy to the family. Posting an adorable photo kissing his new son's head in hospital, he captioned the post: "What an amazing birthday present please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper!! One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls…. Done".