How Old Are the Cast of The Kissing Booth 2? Most of Them Are in Their 20s

After much anticipation, The Kissing Booth 2 finally dropped on Netflix on July 24. From Elle's complicated love life to her problematic friendship with Lee, there's just so much to dissect and discuss. However, given that most of the characters are either in high school or college, you might also be wondering about the cast members' ages. While the stars are definitely older than most high school students, the majority of them are in their 20s. Keep reading to find out how old the cast are in real life.

How Old Is Joey King, aka Elle? 21

How Old Is Jacob Elordi, aka Noah? 23
Getty | JP Yim

How Old Is Jacob Elordi, aka Noah? 23

How Old Is Joel Courtney, aka Lee? 24

How Old Is Taylor Zakhar Perez, aka Marco? 28

How Old Is Maisie Richardson-Sellers, aka Chloe? 28

How Old Is Meganne Young, aka Rachel? 30