Just in Case You Were Wondering, Jason Momoa IS Actually Aquaman in Real Life

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Jason Momoa's beloved characters have some intense superhero skills: as Game of Thrones's late Khal Drogo, he's a vicious warrior and a ruthless killer; as Aquaman, he's got superhuman strength thanks to his Atlantean heritage and he can wield a trident like Tom Brady can throw a touchdown pass. Just in case you've never seen Jason's intense workouts or rock climbing videos, we're here to let you know that he absolutely possesses his Aquaman skills in real life.

On Thursday night, the actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the host put Jason's skills to the test, and whoa, did he deliver. The two had a trident-throwing contest aimed at Aquaman's enemy Ocean Master, and Jason went into full character nailing his enemy. As for Jimmy, well, let's keep him on dry land! Watch the hilarious clip above, and catch up on everything to know about Aquaman before it hits theaters Dec. 21.