For When Times Are Tough, Here Are 22 Pictures of Jeff Goldblum in a Leather Jacket

Jeff Goldblum can do it all: play dream husband to wife Emilie Livingston, fry up some damn good eggs, and pose with raptors like it's his day job. Which it technically is. Day jobs aside, we're convinced the Jurassic Park actor's true calling is wearing a leather jacket. And whether he's sporting one over a classic white tee, teaming it with a trilby, or opting for an all-black ensemble, the red-hot actor looks simply flawless.

If you're having one of those days — you know, the one where your oat milk is out of date, the hairspray can is empty, and you miss the bus — don't fret, we've got you covered. Simply inhale a large breath, breathe out slowly, and scroll through the following images.


With Emilie Livingston.