Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow Reunited For a Girls' Night Out

Although it may feel like we've been on a break with the cast of Friends since the show was removed from Netflix, we can thank the social media gods for getting us back together. Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow enjoyed a night out, and we're so happy to see our favorites back together. "Hi from the girls across the hall ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ," Jen captioned her photos on Instagram. It looks like no time has passed for the iconic tripod, and if you listen *really* closely, you can basically hear Janice shrieking "Oh my god" from across the restaurant.

The cast of the beloved '90s series has remained especially close since wrapping in 2004, and each time we see them together, it melts our hearts. In November, Courteney and Lisa presented Jennifer with an award at SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Patron of the Artists Awards ceremony. And most recently, Jennifer and Courteney hung out at Jen's annual Friendsgiving dinner.

As we patiently wait for the series to hit WarnerMedia's streaming service HBO Max in the Spring, we can thank the beautiful ladies "from across the hall" for giving us our Friends fix. And for the record, we were never on a break.