No, but Really, Find Yourself Someone Who Looks at You Like Jennifer Lopez Looks at ARod

If you want to see what the look of love truly looks like, just take a peek at these photos of Jennifer Lopez longingly staring at boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The two have been dating for about eight months now, and the honeymoon phase looks to still be alive and well. The hot couple stepped out for NBC's World of Dance celebration in LA on Tuesday night, and when Jennifer wasn't posing by herself and showing off her killer curves, she was glowing at the sight of her dapper man by her side.

In a recent interview with Hola! USA, Jennifer revealed this period in her life is her golden era. "This is the first relationship I've been where I feel like we really make each other better. We complement each other, and there's really pure, true love. Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy," she said. Well, we'll say that's pretty obvious.