Hugh Jackman Cozied Up With Emily Blunt, and You Better Believe John Krasinski Roasted Him

Ryan Reynolds has already been unofficially dubbed Hollywood's most infamous trolling expert, but it looks like he may be grooming John Krasinski to become his partner in crime. The two actors just teamed up to roast Hugh Jackman for getting cozy with John's wife, Emily Blunt, on the red carpet, and the whole interaction is just so gosh darn glorious. Here's what went down.

On Nov. 17, Hugh and Emily both attended Variety's Actors on Actors event, where they were randomly paired up to interview each other about their acting careers, along with various other stars. Following the event, Hugh tweeted about how much of a "pleasure" it was to chat with the "amazing Emily Blunt" while sharing a photo of them on the red carpet.

Seems pretty innocent, right? Well, John apparently wasn't having it, as he couldn't resist jokingly putting Hugh in his place. The Jack Ryan actor dug up another photo of Hugh and Emily on the red carpet — one in which Hugh is somewhat awkwardly touching her with his face. "Eeeeeeasy Hugh . . . not sure this is what @Variety meant with #ActorsonActors . . . Don't make me think I can hurt you," John fired back on Twitter.

Of course, Ryan just had to get in on the fun, seeing as he and Hugh have been poking fun at each other ever since they were costars in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Ryan chimed in with his own two cents and brought the roast to a whole new level. "This is a call to action. This man must be stopped," the Deadpool star wrote on Twitter.

Needless to say, people had some pretty strong feelings about the hilarious interaction, as evidenced below. This is the type of social media content we deserve.