Justin Bieber Gets Drowned Out by Boos While He Strips Down to His Undies

The fashion crowd was apparently unimpressed with Justin Bieber when he appeared on Fashion Rocks, a fashion- and music-themed live TV special, in NYC on Tuesday. The singer, who walked on stage with model Lara Stone, was greeted with a barrage of boos, which practically drowned him out during the telecast (see the video below). Justin didn't pay attention to the negative attention and instead started to quickly strip off his clothing because he "doesn't feel comfortable" unless he's just wearing his Calvin Klein underwear. While Justin's shirtless physique got a few screams from the young women in the audience, the boos still lingered.

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Fashion Rocks is meant to celebrate the relationship between music and fashion and coincides with New York Fashion Week. While Justin didn't perform during the TV special, other artists like Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Miranda Lambert did take over the stage. Either way, the boos are hardly the first bit of drama that Justin has encountered in recent months. Justin has been plagued by arrests and scandal over the past year, including getting into a very public fight with Orlando Bloom over the Summer. Aside from all the bad press, Justin's personal life did have one bright spot, as he's reunited with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.