Fans Boo and Leave Kanye West's Concert After He Goes on a Pro-Trump Rant

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Kanye West kicked off the second leg of his Saint Pablo tour on Thursday, but in true Kanye fashion, it didn't come without some major controversy. During his stop in Sacramento, CA, the rapper went on a political rant and revealed that he actually didn't vote during the 2016 election. He shocked fans even more by revealing that if he had participated, he would've voted for Donald Trump. Since he actually attended a Hillary Clinton fundraiser with wife Kim Kardashian back in August, his announcement was met with a mixture of boos and applause. Kanye then proceeded to tell the audience that he "loved" Trump's approach, even calling him a "f*cking genius."

During his speech, he also touched on the country's current social unrest, saying, "To black people, stop focusing on racism. This world is racist, OK? It's just a f*cking fact. We are a racist country." He also spoke about his plans to run for office in 2020, saying that he will become "a different kind of president." Obviously, fans were pretty confused about the whole ordeal and took to social media to voice their frustrations.

LMAO kanye just freestyled at his concert and said "I hope they build the wall,I hope they get rid of them all" 😒😒😒

— Jonn. (@JonnGrey) November 18, 2016

i paid $40 to listen to a trump supporter rant for 3 hours n play 4 songs

— • (@yuriskwon) November 18, 2016

At the Kanye concert and he's been talking about politics, 2020, opinions, education system. People are sitting and leaving

— SheryAnne (@yema74) November 18, 2016

I want my money back #pablotour

— GeraJose (@Geras_510) November 18, 2016