12 Times Kate Moss and Liv Tyler Gave Us a Peek at Their 26-Year Old Friendship

Much like their iconic careers, Kate Moss and Liv Tyler have a friendship that will stand the test of time. Kate, who met and bewitched Liv when she was just 15, is described by the actress as a "magical unicorn". As for Liv, Kate seems just as smitten with her bestie, who attended her 40th birthday as one "sexy tiger". In fact, Kate knows her friend so well that she even went as far as to play cupid in setting Liv up with her friend David Gardner. To this day, Liv shares a beautiful blended family with the entertainment manager, looking happy as can be.

As famous friendships and celebrity relationships come and go, this is one companionship that has never seemed to wane. Read on for 12 times Kate and Liv gave us a taste of their decades-old friendship.

With Ella Richards.

Getty | Kevin.Mazur/INACTIVE

With Gwyneth Paltrow.