I've Been Following Kiernan Shipka's Instagram For Years, and I Have 0 Regrets

You may know Kiernan Shipka as the badass blond witch, Sabrina Spellman, but her Instagram feed is a whole other level of charm. The 19-year-old actress isn't just one of Hollywood's fastest-rising stars: she's also a meme-queen and Netflix's best friend. No, really. Check her bio.

I started following Kiernan's 'gram back in 2014 because a blog told me to and I stuck around for her sophisticated sense of style, her brunch photos with Lorde and Amandla Stenberg, and her clever captions. Fast forward a few years, and Kiernan's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina role skyrocketed her to a new level of celebrity — while she maintained the same witty and relatable presence online. It's no wonder she's racked up 5 million followers, and counting.

Ahead, take a look at some of her best photos to date. With CAOS season three on the horizon, there are likely many more 'grammable moments around the corner.