25 Times Kristen Bell's Instagram Inspired Us to Embrace Our Own Weirdness

Kristen Bell, an infamous sloth-lover, has captured our hearts once again with her witty, hilarious Instagram account. Kristen, known for her roles as the beloved Veronica Mars, Anna in Frozen, and Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place, isn't afraid to cover herself with food on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or make a homemade music video of "Africa" by Toto and upload it to YouTube for millions of people to see. Kristen is completely, unapologetically weird — and we love her for it. It's no surprise that her Instagram reflects her amazing quirkiness and heart-warming compassion. Here are the 25 Instagram posts that made us fall in love with Kristen.

When She and Her Husband, Dax Shepard, Cried in Front of an Unsuspecting Gorilla

When She and Kathryn Hahn Took a Nap at the Billboard Music Awards

When She Showed Off Her Amazingly Adorable Puppy During a Long Car Ride

When She Looked Absolutely Stunning on the Day of the Golden Globes With Her Red Carpet Dress and Makeup-Free Face

When She and Her Husband Screamed #Couplegoals in Their Matching Fourth of July Pajamas

When She and Auli'i Cravalho Took a Selfie and Left Disney Fans Shook

When Her Daughter Demanded Her to Be Princess Anna Against Her Will

When She Proved That the Resemblance Between Her and Tom Selleck Is Absolutely Uncanny

When She Gave Us an Intimate Snapshot of Her Pregnancy With Delta

When She Reminded Her Fans That She Had Amazing Fashion Sense as a Kid

When She Gave a Throwback to One of Her Earliest Headshots

When She Gave Her Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek of Her Time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

When She Practiced Self-Care With a Face Mask and Long Nap

When She and Dax Shepard Proclaimed Their Love For Each Other and Reminded Us That True Love Does Exist

When She and Idina Menzel Gave Us the Frozen Reunion We All Needed

When She Accepted the #10featuredteachers Challenge and Gave a Shout-Out to All the Hardworking Educators

When She Convinced Us That the Phrase "Like a Mother" Is Cool

When She Showed Off Her Daughter's Amazing Hairstyling Skills

When She and Her Husband Kept Their Under-Eye Areas Youthful With Matching Eye Masks

When She Highlighted the Keith Morrison Pop Socket on Her Phone

When She Rocked Prism Glasses Next to Her Husband

When She Was Really Feeling Herself After a Fresh, New Haircut

And Lastly, When She Wore Socks With Pictures of Her and Her Husband at the Met Gala in 2012