Kristen Bell's Unsettling Gag Gift Proves She Doesn't Mess Around at White Elephant Parties

If you're partying with Kristen Bell around the holidays, expect the unexpected. The Frozen 2 actress participated in her annual white elephant party with friends over the weekend, and while there were plenty of gag gifts all around, her contribution certainly made the others pale in comparison. Believe it or not, Kristen brought a detailed mold of husband Dax Shepard's head to the party. Creepy or brilliant? I'll let you decide.

Kristen might've shocked her friends into disbelief with the, ahem, somber-looking Dax head, but she actually scored pretty normal gifts from the exchange. She walked away with a "Samantha?" hat (a fun nod to Frozen 2) and a back massager. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a Dax look-alike, I guess. If anything, this serves as a warning ahead of my next holiday party. I will be shaking the gifts before the white elephant exchange begins, thankyouverymuch.

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