You'll Feel High Watching Kristen Stewart's Hilarious Stoner Talk Show Interview

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Nothing like The Stoner Talk Show to bring out some really wild answers from guests Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. When the American Ultra stars sat down with MTV's Josh Horowitz for the show, he asked, "Do you guys think that fingers are crazy?" Both Kristen and Jesse paused before answering, with Kristen eventually going into a hilariously in-depth response. "I actually do think the fact that we are, like, these wormy . . . We don't really look like animals. We look like these bug-worms," she said. Jesse nodded in agreement, and Kristen added, "Our extremities are really gross. And then we have extremities on our extremities. It's like, extension, extension, extension." Watch the funny clip above, then check out the American Ultra trailer and Kristen's sexy photo shoot for Marie Claire.