Lady Gaga Gives an Emotional Interview About Love Following Taylor Kinney Split

Lady Gaga opened up about her personal life during a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. Following her split from Taylor Kinney earlier this year, the "Million Reasons" singer reflected on love and life with CBS News correspondent Lee Cowan. "I think women love very hard," she explained around the 3:08 mark. "We love men. We just love with everything we have. And sometimes I don't know that that love is met with the type of dignity that we wish it would be met with. You know, we're not trying to make you less of a man. We just want you to love us as deeply and as wholesomely and as fully as we love you." The couple, who first got engaged on Valentine's Day in 2015, have remained quite civil since their split, with Gaga telling E! News that she considers Taylor her best friend. While they appear to still be on good terms, only time will tell if they'll eventually get back together.