We're Lowkey Very Invested in Lilly Singh and Liza Koshy's Friendship

When it comes to friendships between social media stars, it's hard to see where professional collaboration ends and real friendship begins. Ironically, it's usually the flashiest "friendships" that turn out to be all for the cameras. That's why we're big fans of YouTubers Lilly Singh (aka IISuperwomanII) and Liza Koshy. The duo have collaborated a few times since first meeting in 2016, but they're not constant presences on each other's feeds, instead appearing like the kind of friends you have in real life: not there every single day for every single selfie, but someone to have a great time with when you do catch up!

The two social media stars first met in 2016, according to Koshy's Instagram, when they both attended the premiere of Singh's YouTube Red documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island. Since then, they've worked together on a few projects for both of their channels. Singh has since made the moved to broadcast television, with the announcement that NBC is developing a late-night show for her, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, to replace the ending Last Call With Carson Daly. Koshy, meanwhile, has also moved into broadcast hosting, with gigs ranging from covering the Met Gala for Vogue to hosting the revival of MTV's iconic series Total Request Live. As both women move into new stages in their careers, take a look back at their best moments over the years!

Meeting For the First Time at the Premiere of A Trip to Unicorn Island

Behind the Scenes of Their "What Clubbing Is Really Like" Video

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"What Clubbing Is Actually Like" Collab Video

Sharing Pizza After Their First Collaboration in 2016

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"Guess That YouTuber Challenge + Gagging" Collab Video

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"The Time We Flew to a Secret Destination" Collab Video