"Happy Bday, Mom!": Lizzo Surprised Her Mama With a Luxe New Wardrobe For Her Birthday

Pop open a bottle of Champagne and get comfy, because Lizzo shared a heartwarming birthday surprise for her mom on TikTok, and the video is almost impossible to watch just once. In honor of her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson's birthday, the "Rumors" singer treated her to a tour of an enormous walk-in closet filled with extravagant clothes perfect for any occasion. After a once-over of the feathered slides, luxurious coats, and dazzling accessories, Lizzo revealed that all the clothes were for Shari. "Ever since daddy passed u been telling me it's hard to dress nice for urself," Lizzo captioned the sweet video. "I can't bring ur best friend back but I can give u this. Happy bday mom!"

The clip, which now has over 5.6 million views, showed Lizzo's mom momentarily freezing in disbelief as she realized the wardrobe was for her. After processing the news, Shari burst into happy tears over her glass of Champagne. "I won't have to look like a bum anymore," she said with a laugh before going to give her daughter a "thank you" hug. Overwhelmed with joy, Shari took a moment to herself before modeling a pink silk blouse from her new collection with a fresh glass of Champagne and a smile on her face. Back in December, Lizzo also gifted her mom a new Audi SUV for Christmas, so she basically has the coolest daughter of the year award in the bag. Catch a glimpse of Shari's reaction to the gorgeous new wardrobe ahead.