We're Forever Indebted to Kelly Ripa For Sharing These Shirtless Photos of Mark Consuelos

Oh hello there, reader. Wanna play a quick game? It's called Look at Shirtless Pictures of Mark Consuelos Without Sweating Your Face Off™. The rules are pretty straightforward. Simply glance through these devastatingly sexy photos of Mark that we arduously gathered from Instagram (I mean, someone had to do it, right?) and try your darnedest to resist breaking a sweat, passing out, or calling the fire department before making it to the end.

The shirtless snaps below were mostly taken by Mark's wife of 22 years, Kelly Ripa, but we threw in a few that he's shared on the 'gram as well because more is most definitely more when it comes to this stud. Ready to put your sweat glands to the test? Read on to witness the hot-flash-inducing glory of Mark's shirtless body.

Here's Mark Looking All Pensive and Showing Off His Shoulder Tattoo

That crystal clear water in the background is no match for his devastatingly attractive looks.

He Waded in the Pool With His Pal Andy Cohen

I need to jump in a cold pool already after seeing those abs.

He Put His Toned Core on Display While Posing With Jonathan Tucker

*Grabs a wheel of cheese to grate on his abs*

What's More Captivating: Mark or the Gorgeous Beach Behind Him?

You know my answer, obviously.

Holy Back Muscles! This One Has Me Shook

My sweat glands are tingling already.

Finally! A Photo of Mark Without Sunglasses On

Honestly feeling a bit compelled to set this as my phone background — too far?

Hot DAYUM, This Shirtless Snap Is Almost Too Much For My Precious Eyes to Handle

Kelly sure does know Mark's angles (although I'm pretty sure every angle is his best angle, TBH).

Can I Photoshop Myself Into This Picture, Or . . .

These just keep getting better and better.

This Is About to Be Me Wiping Away My Forehead Sweat

How is it possible for one human to be so effin' good looking?

Wow, I've Never Wanted to Be Kelly Ripa More in My Entire Life

I guess Photoshopping my face onto hers will have to do for now.

Here's a Video of Him Lounging by the Pool

I guess my pool party invite got lost in the mail.

The Slicked-Back Poolside Smolder Is Definitely His Go-To Look

That chain. Those chest hairs. UGH.

Looking Like a Tan Snack, as Per Usual

Peep that bulging shoulder muscle.

Could He and Kelly Possibly Be Any More Adorable?

Nope, they truly couldn't.

*Ovaries Burst*

Yeah, I totally lost that whole try-not-to-sweat game a while ago.

Thank You, Kelly Ripa, For Sharing So Many Shirtless Snaps of Your Hubby With the World

Here's to many more in the future!