Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Aren't Grandpa and Grandma, They're Buba and ZeeZee

Michael Douglas has played his fair share of cold-hearted characters on screen, but when it comes to his family, it looks like he's a total softy. In an Instagram photo shared by his son, Cameron, Michael is seen holding his baby granddaughter Lua, and he looks completely besotted. Cameron captioned the image, "Lua Loves her Buba", and that nickname is not the only thing that's completely adorable.

It's not the first time Cameron has shared some cross-generational family photos. He's also posted some beautiful photos of Lua getting to know her 101-year-old great-grandfather, actor Kirk Douglas. Another reveals that Michael's not the only one with a sweet nickname: Michael's wife (and Cameron's stepmother) Catherine Zeta-Jones is apparently known as "ZeeZee." Keep reading to see all the photos of the latest member of this acting dynasty getting to know her famous family.