Noah Centineo Showed the Struggle of Showering Postsurgery, and I'm Cackling

Noah Centineo's Instagram page has always offered up an unfiltered glimpse into his day-to-day life. He's never shied away from posting what could be (for anyone else) an unflattering angle, but this weekend, he gave us even more chuckles than usual.

It all started with a postshower photo that was, frankly, more than enough incentive to stop me scrolling. Then the caption, "Most ridiculous shower adventure of all time on my story," which led me to a series of Stories that showed just how real the struggle is when trying to shower postsurgery.

From hauling himself off the couch to struggling up the stairs with his crutches and celebrating aggressively when he finally made it to the top, it's a wild, albeit funny, ride. Noah enlisted a friend to help him secure a plastic bag over the bandages on his knee while his girlfriend, Alexis Ren, watched on without seemingly offering any help herself. Yep, everything about this scenario had me chuckling over my phone.

I suggest you run (don't walk) to his Instagram Story immediately to watch the hilarity before it disappears. But if you've come here after the saga has expired, keep on reading to see how it all went down.