Netflix's Outer Banks Cast Is Ridiculously Good-Looking — Here's Where to Follow Them

Getty | Charles Gallay

Netflix's latest foray into teen drama is Outer Banks, and we're already getting ready to fall in love with the amazing cast! If you want to follow the Outer Banks cast on social media, we've got it covered. Most of the young stars of the show have a major social media presence, especially on Instagram and even some on Twitter, so there's no shortage of content. The Netflix original Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers in a North Carolina community that's heavily divided by socio-economic class. When one boy enlists the help of his three friends to hunt down a legendary treasure, the whole community gets thrown into turmoil. Ahead of its April 15 Netflix debut, check out where you can find the main cast members on social media!

Madison Bailey

Madelyn Cline

Jonathan Daviss

Austin North

Rudy Pankow

Chase Stokes

Charles Esten