Unlike Prince William, Prince Harry Has Chosen to Wear a Wedding Ring

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot on Saturday, and they did everything they could to make their special day all their own. While they did follow a few British royal wedding traditions, such as riding in a carriage, it wasn't an exact replica of Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials. In fact, there is one thing in particular that Harry did differently from his older brother: he exchanged rings.

While William opted not to wear a ring following his wedding ceremony in 2011, Harry has decided to wear his. Of course, the decision to go without a wedding ring isn't uncommon for men of the royal family. Even though Prince Charles wears one, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, does not.

Harry also broke tradition by choosing a platinum band. His ring was expected to be made from the traditional rare Welsh gold, just like Meghan's and Kate's, but Harry decided to switch things up. The royal family has been using Welsh gold since the Queen Mother's wedding in 1923.