4 Things Prince George Is Really Into Right Now

Prince George is ringing in his 4th birthday in July and has already developed some exciting interests. In addition to his love for cartoons, Prince William revealed a handful of other things George is really into right now during his visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital in England earlier this week.

  1. Stickers! While participating in a sticker activity, William told a patient named Charlie Miller that "George likes doing his stickers" and that "he is big into [them]."
  2. Dinosaurs! The proud dad also told Charlie that George is a fan of the extinct animals, though Kate Middleton previously revealed that he's also into pigeons and ladybugs.
  3. Nintendo! Like many other kids, George loves his video games. When a little boy named Sebastian could barely take his eyes off a Nintendo DS game to greet the prince, William sympathized with his mom, telling her, "I have exactly the same thing with George. He's engrossed."
  4. Making noise! Surprise, surprise: George loves making noise. William further elaborated on George's noisy habits while speaking with a young patient named Zak and his family, saying, "George was noisy and charging around the place."