Priyanka Chopra Surprises Nick Jonas With a Puppy For Their Anniversary

The holiday season is just getting started, but Priyanka Chopra has already set a high standard for gift-giving. The 37-year-old actress is coming up on her first wedding anniversary with husband Nick Jonas, and to commemorate the Dec. 1 occasion, she got him the cutest German Shepherd puppy. On Nov. 26, she shared an Instagram video of herself surprising Nick while he was sleeping. Is there any better way to wake up? His reaction was truly priceless.

After Nick gained full consciousness, he shared his appreciation on his account, writing, "Pri came home with the absolute best surprise this morning. Please meet our new pup @ginothegerman I haven't stopped smiling since I woke up this morning and finally realized what was going on. Thank you @priyankachopra."

Nick and Priyanka are also proud pet parents to little Diana, whom Priyanka assured she still "loves mostest." As for Gino the German Shepherd, well, he's on his way to becoming an Instagram sensation with over 90,000 followers and counting. Now that's what I call puppy love!