Simply Put, We Love Dwayne Johnson, and Here Are All the Reasons

Dwayne Johnson first burst on to the movie scene as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns, but long before that, The Rock had already won our hearts. Drawn to his signature charm and hilarious catchphrases, one might say the only reason we tuned in to watch WWE's SmackDown or Monday Night Raw was to see Dwayne. And who could forget his out-of-this-world body? There's no denying that there's just so much to love about Dwayne, whether he's showcasing his muscles, flashing his megawatt smile, or simply telling us a story about his humble beginnings. In honor of his 44th birthday, let us count all the ways we love Dwayne, and then get a load of his supersmooth dance moves.


He isn't afraid to show his softer side.

In April, Dwayne melted hearts on Instagram when he wished his daughter, Jasmine, a happy birthday on the app. Along with a precious photo of the two, the proud father, wrote, "I'm always asked - What inspires YOU? My answer's easy and honest.. what inspires me the most is always waitin' for me to walk thru my front door when I come home. Happy 4 month birthday Jasmine! One day you'll know just how happy, proud, lucky and blessed you, your sister and your mama make me. You'll also thank me one day for your toughness and your mama's everything else."


His heart is just as big as his biceps.

While filming scenes for Baywatch in April, Dwayne took time out of his busy schedule to meet with a young boy named Ryan with special needs. He took to Instagram to recap the tear-jerking encounter and even shared a sweet photo from the special moment.


He's a doting father to both his daughters and his pets.

Over Valentine's Day weekend, he uploaded a supersweet video of himself feeding his baby girl, Jasmine. But that wasn't the best part! His adorable dog also made a precious cameo at the end.

He has the cutest bond with his oldest daughter, Simone . . .
Getty | Albert L. Ortega

He has the cutest bond with his oldest daughter, Simone . . .

For the most part, Dwayne likes to keep his family life out of the spotlight, but occasionally he'll give his followers a sneak peek on Instagram. When his daughter graduated in 2015, he wrote her the most adorable congratulatory note.


And his newborn daughter, Jasmine.

Over the holidays, Dwayne shared a clip of himself singing to his little one and melted hearts everywhere.


He knows how to bust a move.

In November 2015, the actor uploaded a video of himself getting down to the iHeart Memphis song "Hit the Quan" — and the results were pure gold!


He's a real-life Superman.

In September 2015, Dwayne shared a terrifying story about how he saved his two dogs, Hobbs and Brutus, from an almost-fatal pool accident.

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He isn't afraid to cry.

We caught a glimpse of The Rock's softer side when he appeared on an episode of Oprah's Master Class and teared up when speaking about his supercute relationship with his daughter Simone.

His muscles are out of control!
Getty | Uri Schanker

His muscles are out of control!

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He makes a hot-looking Bambi.

In March 2015, Dwayne hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time and, of course, showcased his signature charm and golden sense of humor during a Bambi parody.


He has a heart of gold.

In March 2016, Dwayne paid a special visit to the Pediatric Specialty Ward at Memorial Health hospital in Savannah, GA, and met with sick children. The actor took to Instagram and shared the following message:

"I surprised the children at Savannah's Pediatric Specialty Ward aaaaand look at the concentration on lil' Aiden's face!. We shot #BAYWATCH scenes at Memorial Health Hospital and thought I'd pop up to the ward. Awesome experience and THANK YOU to all the hard working and caring staff who helped make this visit possible. To all the kids I met - you guys keep smiling and staying strong. All the mamas and daddy's I met, y'all stay strong too.
Gotta tell ya little stuff like this will always be the best part of fame.
And good Lord I wish I had Aiden's concentration when I was in my high school math classes. I wouldn't have failed Algebra twice."


He even looks hot when he's sweaty.

Now that's just not fair.


And the guitar.

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He loves pie — and even has a song about it.

Oh yeah, he totally went there!


He knows how to lay the Smackdown on your candy ass, if necessary.

He's starred in one of the best movie franchises of all time.

He's starred in one of the best movie franchises of all time.


His eyebrows are always on fleek.

He's a pro at taking movies to the next level.
Columbia Pictures

He's a pro at taking movies to the next level.

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment transformed into the most electrifying man in all of entertainment with roles in box-office hits such as San Andreas, The Scorpion King, and Walking Tall.

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He can wear the hell out of a fat suit.

The Rock's upcoming film, Central Intelligence, has him playing a CIA agent who reunites with an old friend, played by Kevin Hart. Get all the details here!


Um . . . did we mention he looks great shirtless?!

Seriously, how is this even legal?


His selfie game is always on point.

BRB . . . drooling.


He's humble and takes care of his family.

Dwayne has never been shy about sharing his humble beginnings, and during the holidays in 2015, the Ballers actor spread the love by gifting his uncle a brand-new truck. Read his touching story now!

He's a mama's boy.
Getty | Charles Eshelman

He's a mama's boy.

It's no secret that The Rock loves his mom. He's constantly sharing pictures of them together on Instagram, and on Mother's Day last year, he uploaded a photo of his mom crying, along with a moving story of their times together.

He has a great relationship with girlfriend Lauren Hashian.
Getty | Gregg DeGuire

He has a great relationship with girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

Get a rare glimpse of their love story here!

He cleans up nicely.
Getty | Stuart C. Wilson

He cleans up nicely.

Oh hey!