She Did That! This Dancer Took On Megan Thee Stallion's "Body" Challenge and Nailed It

If you've opened TikTok in the last few weeks, you've probably come across more than a few videos of people attempting the Megan Thee Stallion "Body Challenge," aka the "Body-ody Challenge." On Dec. 8, dancer and choreographer Samantha Caudle decided to take on the challenge for herself — with a twist. In a video shared to her Instagram account, Samantha showed off some smooth hip-hop moves to the tune of "Body," working in Megan's famous shimmy-twerk combo throughout the routine.

In addition to nailing the challenge itself, Samantha — who has worked with celebrities like J Balvin and Jason Derulo — also incorporated some popping, locking, and a whole bunch of rocking that made the dance feel like a stage-worthy performance. "Y'all know I had to put my own sauce on @theestallion 'Body,'" she captioned the video. "Should I make this my next tutorial!?" Um, yes, please! Check out Samantha's video ahead, and check out more amazing TikTok dances here.