Working With Rihanna Was a "Daily Struggle" For Sarah Paulson, in the Best Way Possible

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Despite decades of working with award-winning actors, Sarah Paulson could not keep it together in the presence of Rihanna. The 43-year-old actress recently spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about her experience working on the star-studded Ocean's 8 and shared several anecdotes that basically revolved around her embarrassing herself in front of Rihanna.

"It was sort of a daily struggle to not embarrass myself," Sarah said, "because every time I looked at her I was like, 'Work, work, work . . . '" Sarah even began serenading Rihanna with new songs she would just write on the fly, which Rihanna would then graciously critique. "She thought my lyrics weren't so bad but my melody was terrible," Sarah said. After a while, Sandra Bullock had to step in and tell Sarah to dial down her obsession. Who can blame her though, really?